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Model: Kit6
Item Title:HVAC Tool Set Kit6: 2-Stage Deep Vacuum Pump VPD6+Refrigerant Leak Detector HD2 Heated Diode Sensor+R410a Manifold GM410a+Clamp Meter C9
S&H: $47.95, Continental USA, S&H varies to other areas and countries.

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Features: Kit6

Kit 6:
4 Tools: Deep Vacuum Pump VPD5+AC/DC clamp meter C9+ and best Leak Detector on the Market HD2, plus a more R410a R22 manifold gauge set
VPD5 2-stage Deep vacuum pump 5.5 CFM Retail: $599.99$449.97
Professional kit, the pump is 5.5 CFM deep vacuum, clamp meter is true RMS and capacitance testing with thermocouple, and the leak detecotr is best one on the market making it findinga a leak easy, the manifold handles all refrigeants
GM410a Manifold gauge set to handle all refrigerants including R410a
C9 AC/DC Clamp ammeter volt meter ohm meter capacitor tester type K thermocouple
HD2 The Most sensitive leak detector in the world with heated diode/pentode sensor for all halogen refrigerants make it easy to find a leak
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