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Model: HD2
Item Title:Heated Diode halogen detector HD2 New Design Sensitive No Moisture false alarm
S&H: $9.95, Continental USA, S&H varies to other areas and countries.

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Features: HD2

BRAND NEW Heated Diode(Pentode) Halogen Refrigerant Leak Detector, Air Pump HVAC Tool.
You are looking at a brand new, Portable Automatic Field Halogen refrigerant Leak Detector, with heated diode sensor, Air Pump. Model: HD2. Most Sensitive Detector in the World! beat every other detectors of this kind on the US market by competitors research.


  • Our Newest Design and Technology in Halogen Detection!
  • Heated diode sensor
  • Moisture will not cause false alarm
  • New design with new Microprocessor controlled circuit and Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Detects ALL halogenated refrigerants, CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, and their blends(R500, R503, R22, R123, R124, , R502, R134a, R404a, R410A, R407, R125, AZ50, HP62, MP39, R403A, R12, R11, etc
  • Audible alarm with variable frequency, and visual LED Multi-color display.
  • Sensitivity adjustment, provides more control.
  • On/Off switch control and reset button to any back ground halogen level.
  • High Sensitivity: Less than 0.1 oz/year (or 3 grams/year R22)
  • Optimized speed of Air pump provides a positive flow of sampling air.
  • Come with a hard plastic carrying case to provide protection.
  • AC adapter with Battery backup
  • Batteries(4 AA, included) backup for Cordless operation.
  • 15.5" flexible rubber lined SS wand, reach to almost any tight space.
  • with Low battery warning.
We combine shipping to save you money! Look in my Ebay store for more tools.


      FAQ of this Product                     Manual/Instruction




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