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Compressor Oil / UV Dye/ Flush Agent Injectors Chargers
Compressor Oil may be needed for systems where a major part is replaced or oil is running low for any reason. Or florescent dye may be injected to a system for leak checking. These tools are for this job. Burned system need to be cleaned before replacing the compressor, aged system may have acid/moisture in the system that may present a trouble to come. These systems need to be flush cleaned, the BA3 or BA1 is used in this application to do the maintenance.
Model: OI1
Capacity(oz): to 1/2 oz up to 2 oz N/A 28 oz
Body Built: Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy 3ft utility hose isolation valve SS flushing gun. Al can SS flushing gun, isolation valve, hose
Operation: Hand operated, Screw-in type, do not need a working compressor to inject Air flushing with external N2 tank or compressed air tank, cleans systems inside and out Refillable and pressurizeable canister, inject flushing agent or air flushing system inside and out. may attache external N2 tank
Connector 1/4 in FFL, straight 1/4 in FFL, 45° turn 1/4 in FFL directly to the system or use the stopper to flush cut line sections 1/4 in FFL directly to the system or use the stopper to flush cut line sections
Refill, Reload, Reuse Yes and easyNever expire, just hook and use any time
Comparability All oil types and all refrigerant types, all systems. Note: R410a systems with 5/16" flair port may need adapter CV23p for direct connection to the port.
MSRP/ Buy It Now $69.95 / $27.77
$99.99 / $47.77
$59.95 / $24.77
$99.98 / $47.77
Comment Small of the 2, but most home AC car AC systems, need less than 1/2 oz of oil to be added, dye volume is much smaller, so it big enough for most operations. large 2 oz capacity, making it "one shot to save a compressor" for all systems. Heavy duty last for decades to come, this is the one all you need. Simple to use if you have a tank in the service van, best for cleaning the condenser/evaporator fins Canister is refillable for flushing agent, this is a really must-have tool for HVAC professionals, does all the cleaning job for retrofit cleaning.

Model: OI2q
Item Title:Large:2 oz Compressor oil Syringe Injector with low side quick coupler to work on car, Screw-in type Reuse Reload HVAC Service Tool
S&H: $9.99, Continental USA, S&H varies to other areas and countries.

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User Manual for product:
Why oil injector is needed?
Answer: Compressor oil in the compressor of any refrigeration systems, get pumped along the refrigerant through the whole line of refrigerant, and get to a "balance" if the return of the refrigerant to the compressor is not restricted and the suction line is configured right. Other wise the compressor may run out of compressor oil. Replacement of a major part, like a condenser or evaporator in a refrigeration system, or even a dryer/filter, may remove a big part of the compressor oil with the replaced part. Any system with refrigerant leak, will leak oil as well. Restricted return make the compressor short of oil as well even in a newly installed system. In these cases, compressor oil needs to be added to the system. Compressors running short of compressor oil are likely to over-heat, lower efficiency, and add wearing to the compressor and may short the life of the compressor dramatically.

How to operate the oil injector?
Answer: The injector has one removable end: the top ring or cover with the hose on it. The bottom ring is movable to extend/extract the cylinder. So, before you load the oil, turn the bottom ring count-clock-wise, the cylinder will move downward and make space for the oil in the cylinder. Know how much oil(volume) you need to add and load the oil to to the cylinder after removing the top ring(clock-wise). Hand tight the top ring/cover. Then, empty the air from the top of the cylinder, if any, by pointing the injector body upward and turn the bottom ring clock-wise, till you see the oil or dye is coming out of the hose end. Now the injector is ready to be hooked up to the low side port, where the oil is supposed to be added(unless your compressor has a oil port). Turn the bottom ring clock-wise all the way to add all the oil in or watch the oil level though the sight-viewing glass if your compressor is built with it. Take away the oil injector from the port and keep it away in a clean storage place. Cap your system port, you are done!

Note: The oil injector is designed with hand opertion, no plyers is needed, DO not over tight it. The seals on the injector are all ruber )-rings. They do not need to be too tight to seal.

How the compressor oil is added?
Answer:Use an Oil injector like this one, add the oil to the cylinder and hook it up the the service port. Squeeze it in when you screw-down the injector. Oil may be charged to any part of the refrigeration system, injection to the return/suction line is recommended. This injector does not need the working compressor to get the job done, however, you may notice that its easier to load the oil from the Low side if the system is running. Watch the oil level if the compressor has a sight-viewing glass. Make sure the air is emptied from the injector (like a nurse doing an injection to a patient) before hooking the injector to the service port!

What is the difference between screw-in type injector and in-line injector
Answer: Inline injectors use the system compressor as the power source to force the content into the system, screw-in type injector use human power to force the content into the system by twisting the cylinder with screws(threaded). If the compressor is not running for some reason, you can not use the in-line injector to charge the content(oil or dye). Screw-in type can charge in the systems with or without the running compressor. Screw-in type injectors hook up to the low side port directly, while any in-line injectors need additional hose or manifold to complete the circle for the injection. Any additional hoses or manifold has void spaces and may inject non-compressible gas(air) into the AC system, any non-compressible gas in the system will reduce the system efficiency.

What about compatibility of your injectors ?
Answer: These oil and dye injectors are compatible with all refrigerants(R22/R134a/R410a/R502/R12/R403/R404/R407 etc) and all types of compressor oil(POE or mineral oil). Remember the injector comes with a 1/4" female SAE connector, that goes directly to the 1/4" SAE male system ports(lower side preferred). If you are working on a system with different port size, you may need to have an adapter to finish the job.
Oil &/Dye Injectors
Compressor Oil may be needed for systems where a major part is replaced or oil is running low for any reason. Or florescent dye may be injected to a system for leak checking. These tools are for this job.
Model: OI1
Capacity(oz): 0.1-0.5 0.1-2
Body: Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Operation: Hand operated, "Screw-in"
Connector 1/4 in SAE FFL, straight 1/4 in SAE FFL, w/45° turn
Refill, Reload Yes and easy Yes, and easy
Comparability All oils(POES or mineral) or refrigerants All Oils and refrigerants
MSRP/Buy It Now $69.95 / $37.95$27.95 $89.95 / $47.95



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