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Vacuum Pumps:

 VPD5   VPD10   VPD12a

  VPDS6     VPD12     VPD8

 VPDS12     VPD2     VPD6

 VPDS3   VPES5   VP245 

 Oil   Parts   Other

Manifold Gauge Sets:


GM410V4 GM410a GM410

GMad GMad+ GMad++

GMac  GMac+  GMac++

 Hose Set   Other Gauges

 Refrigerant Detectors:

 HD2    HLD9      HLD7 

HLD7A  Sensors   Other

Milker/Milking Supplies:

  VR     VGRK     VPGRK

  VG     VRBT     VGAT


  QCP    QCPL    QCPh

Tap1   Tap2   Tap3  VT1

CV22p   CV23p CV24p 

CV22S   CV23S   CV32S 

 C23bp   C42   C24   VT2  

VG  VGAT  AT212  AT222

 Core   Valve    Other

 Plumbing/Tubing Tools:

 Capillary Cutter   Cutter1 

 Cutter2  Cutter3  Cutter4

 Bender   Bender2  Other

 Recovery Units:

  RU520  RU250

  VRR12A  JS320

 Charging Scales:

  DRS09   DRS10     Other

 Clamp Meters/DMMs:

   C6      C7    C9

 M7     AWatt    Other

Tool Kits/Sets:

  Kit1     Kit2     Kit3

  Kit4     Kit5   Kit6

  Kit7  VK2    Other


RC4HC   RC4   RC3

WT5  DST20   IRT12a

BT3     BT1     ST3

DT3   DT3C   TC10

DT1     DT2      DT3C

LT2     MT1      MT2

WT1     WT2      WT3  


 Gas Detectors:

CD6    CD6S

  Gas Manometer:

   GM15    GM35

  Oil/Flush Injectors/Cleaner:

   OI1    OI2     BA3  

  BA2   BA1     Fin Comb

  Fin Comb   Other

 Valves And Valve Tools:

 VT2   VT1   CT122

  CT123   Access   Other

 Motor Run Capacitors:

  Cap5    Cap10    Cap15

 Cap20    Cap25    Cap30

 Cap35   Cap40     Cap45

 Cap50   Set10   Dual30+5

  Dual40+5     Dual45+5  

  10 Cap5    10 Cap10

  10 Cap15    10 Cap20

  10 Cap25      10 Cap30

  10 Cap35    10 Cap40L

  10 Cap45    10 Cap50


CT9  T6  T7

Thermostat  Other

 Other Products

March 26, 2015

About VIOT

VIOT specializes in the design, engineering, and marketing of HVAC related service tools and products.
Our high quality HVAC products are distributed direct to consumer at a great value by selling directly from the manufacturer and cutting out middlemen.

Based in Champaign, Illinois, VIOT offers a variety of tools and parts for the HVAC service professional.

This includes vacuum pumps, manifold gauge sets, oil injectors, recovery units, AC/DC clamp meters, and halogen refrigerant leak detectors.

Product Warranty

Warranties are provided on all products that we sell here at VIOT. A one-year warranty is provided for the following products: vacuum pumps, recovery units, leak detectors, manifold gauges, scales, adapters, and plumbing tools. Digital thermometers have only 3-month warranty.

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If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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